Wood Vinyl

Is Wood Vinyl The Right Choice For Your Next Flooring Project?

In busy spaces, you need flooring that will stand the test of time. However, you also want your flooring to suit your interior design and that is not only practical but looks good too. For many business environments having a stylish, high-quality and robust floor is essential, which is why Ajax Flooring often recommend wood vinyl. So, what is wood vinyl and is it right for your next project?

What is wood vinyl?

Wood vinyl is a high-quality vinyl flooring that mimics the look of real wood flooring. While wood flooring can be a great flooring option for some environments, in commercial environments with high traffic, wood vinyl offers more durability. 

Real wood flooring can suffer in high or fluctuating temperatures and from water too. However, vinyl flooring is resistant to high temperatures and water, making it last much longer and maintain its high-quality look.  

Can wood vinyl look like the real thing?

For a long time, vinyl flooring has been known for being cheap and cheerful. Those looking for quality and style have often shied away from it as a flooring material. However, in recent years, technological advances have meant that vinyl flooring has developed at a rapid pace. 

There are now specialist printing techniques that can help to create luxury high-quality finishes that look as good as real wood, stone or ceramic. Wood vinyl has been expertly crafted to mimic real wood flooring complete with wood grains, grooves and textures. 

The benefits of wood vinyl

1.     Reduces joint pressure

Vinyl flooring is typically very yielding, making it much more comfortable underfoot with less impact to the feet and joints. In busy commercial areas such as bars and restaurants, the comfort of vinyl flooring will benefit the staff that are required to stand for extended periods. 

2.     Water resistance

Spillages happen, and bad weather can mean many people will traipse their wet feet across the floor. With wood vinyl, there is no worry about the effect that the moisture will have on the floor. Thanks to the non-porous properties of vinyl, spills, splashes and puddles can be mopped away. It will not absorb moisture like wood or laminate can and will not warp or bubble up because of water either. 

3.     Consistent

Real wood flooring will wear over time and require regular maintenance, such as sanding, staining, and lacquering to keep it in the best condition. Even then, the floor may warp, expand or shrink over time as it adjusts to the temperature and moisture changes in the environment. Wood vinyl flooring, on the other hand, will maintain its high quality without requiring hardly any maintenance. It also will not expand or shrink like real wood can. 

4.     Cost efficiency

For commercial properties, the budget may be limited, but you don’t want to compromise on style and quality. Wood vinyl flooring is often much more cost-effective than real wood flooring while still providing the look and finish of wood flooring. 

Wood vinyl at Ajax Flooring

At Ajax Flooring, many of our commercial clients opt for high-quality wood vinyl for their interior projects. We use leading brands such as Karndean, Amtico and Tarkett who deliver natural-looking and superior quality wood vinyl, perfect for busy, high-traffic areas.