Specialist Commercial Flooring

Why Your Business Needs Specialist Commercial Flooring

When opening a new business premises, most people are on a tight budget, and one area that often gets neglected is specialist commercial flooring. Business owners will often simply stick with the existing flooring, or put down some standard laminate that’s designed for a home environment.

However, investing in proper commercial flooring is important when you start a business, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also practical ones. Wherever you start your business, here’s why you need specialist commercial flooring.

High traffic areas

If you have a business premises in London, or a busy town in Kent such as Dartford, then you’ll hopefully get a lot of foot traffic. If you use non-commercial flooring, then high-traffic areas will quickly get worn, meaning they need to be replaced quickly. Make sure you use  wooden floors or carpet made especially for commercial use, as it’ll be designed to take the extra strain.

Professional look

Flooring can make a big difference to the look of your business premises. Specialist commercial flooring is essential because:

  • It won’t wear as quickly
  • It’s designed for a professional finish
  • It can stand up better to impact and stress
  • It can be sound insulated for noisy environments

When you invest in specialist commercial flooring, you can be sure it’s fit for purpose, and will stand up to even the busiest London restaurant, shop, or office environment, whether you choose vinyl or classic wooden vinyl flooring.


It’s important for companies to keep employees and visitors safe, avoiding injuries on their premises which can be costly for businesses. If there’s a risk of slips or falls, then adding safety flooring is essential to prevent accidents.

Flooring that’s not made for commercial environments can also become dangerous over time, as it can wear out and become a tripping hazard. It’s important to speak to experts such as Ajax Flooring who can advise on the safest flooring options for your business.

Business requirements

Every business premises is different, and therefore your flooring needs will vary. For example, if you need flooring for an office, you’ll have to consider which areas will have high traffic, and you’ll need flooring that can stand up to people rolling their office chairs and moving around. If it’s a restaurant, then there’s always the risk of dropped plates and cups, and your flooring will need to stand up to impacts, as well as being easy to clean.

Some premises will need more than one kind of flooring. For example, in a larger retail store you might need non-slip flooring at the entrance for rainy days, but might want stylish parquet flooring for the rest of the store, plus something hard-wearing for the areas at the back of the store, where you’ll often have people moving boxes and rails around.

To find out more about Ajax Flooring’s range of floors for commercial use, simply call 020 8692 9813 or send us an email to find out more.

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