What You Need to Consider When Choosing Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood isn’t a cheap flooring option but will serve you for years, becoming a valuable — and beautiful — investment. But with so many options to pick from, how can you be sure you are choosing the right hardwood for your home? 

Room for improvement

Although hardwood is versatile and can be laid in any room, you will need to consider the function of the room prior to choosing the flooring. If it’s for a conservatory, for example, you will need engineered flooring that can withstand the fluctuating temperature and humidity. Similarly, if you are laying the flooring in a room which has underfloor heating, you will need to choose an engineered hardwood floor. 

Traffic lights

Consider the footfall of the area before choosing your flooring — a busy area, such as a hallway or living room, will need to be fitted with a more durable option than, for example, a bedroom. Oak is usually a good choice for these heavy traffic areas. 

Money, money, money

We’re not going to pretend that a hardwood floor is a cheap option but it’s certainly a wonderful investment, so do consider getting the best flooring you can afford. You still have options, however, and can reduce the cost of the floor by opting for narrower planks, more common types of wood, and choosing engineered over solid wood. 

Colour me beautiful

Consider the type of room the flooring is going in; a small, dark room may benefit from a light-coloured floor to make it appear brighter, whereas a large room with high ceilings will be able to carry off a more traditional dark wood floor. If you are laying flooring in a contemporary space, you may consider opting for a fresher colour, such as white or grey. 

Finishing up

The finish is as important as the floor itself — you can leave the floor unfinished and have it sealed with a lacquer or oil to protect it from dirt and spills, or you have other options such as a matte lacquer, a brushed finish or a hand-scraped finish. 

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