Top Tips On Protecting Your Floors During The Cooler Months

Flooring is one of a building’s most expensive and important assets and very often, it is the cooler months which can be the most costly season when it comes not only to maintenance, but also the highest possibility of your floor getting damaged.

The reason for this is, as we all know, that the cooler months also tend to be slightly wetter! Whether it be rain, snow or simply just grit from the driveway you may have a challenge on your hands to protect the inside of your house (particularly if you have small children).

Here are a few of our top tips for preventative measures that we hope you find helpful:

  1. Put some extra matting at all entranceways. This will help dirt and damp from getting brought into the rest of the building.
  2. Increase the frequency of your cleaning and scrubbing – particularly on days when it is very wet. You may want to clean some areas (such as hallways and entranceways more daily).
  3. Clean out and rinse mop buckets regularly to prevent any bad odours.
  4. Shoes off outside! This may seem to be a little draconian, but it really does help make a big difference!
  5. Check your air temperature. Particularly when it comes to wooden flooring, you can expect some level of contraction and expansion as the temperature changes.During the winter, the air becomes drier and therefore your floor is more likely to show some cracks. If these are particularly bad, you may want to invest in a humidifier.
  6. Make sure any wooden floors needing resealing are done before the weather changes to prevent the potential for dirt to become ingrained.

Implementing these tips and tricks should not only help maintain your floor, but also prolong its life as you look after it. Doing this will also help protect your wallet as you will not need to replace it so often!

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