Top Tips for Keeping your Outside Flooring Clean

Do you have outside flooring? Whether you have decking, patio, or tiles, the right approach can make all the difference in keeping your flooring looking new and giving it an extended lifespan. Use these top tips to learn how to keep your outside flooring looking great as long as possible.

Don’t let debris pile up

Debris like leaves, twigs, and dirt can quickly turn into a big mess if you let it pile up, as well as potentially causing scratches, stains and damage to your floor. It’s important to sweep or rake regularly to prevent this from happening.

Be aware of the weather conditions

The first step to keeping your outside flooring clean is to protect it from the weather. Although most outdoor flooring solutions are robust, they are still affected by UV light, rain and wind which can cause damage such as fading, physical cracks and degradation. Speak to a flooring expert for tips about your particular flooring type.


Waterproof wood flooring before or during installation, and top it up whenever signs of wear are noticed. Wash it down to clear any debris and matter that may cause scratches, but be careful if you are using a pressure washer as this can cause damage. Keep paving slabs clean and replace when they become cracked, or re-lay them if they start to wobble. Regularly reseal stone flooring to keep out the elements, and clean up spills as soon as you notice them. In short, treat your outdoor floor as you would your indoor floor and it will last you a long time.

Expert help

Whatever your flooring type, it will have its own specific needs. If in doubt, always speak to an expert before using any harsh cleaning or maintenance treatments.