Tips to Keep Your Pine Flooring Looking as Good as New

 Wood flooring is one of the most popular choices, and for good reason its natural feel and fascinating ageing process is attractive to any homeowner looking to replace their existing floor with something that has a little personality.  

Lets talk about pine a softwood that has been used as a flooring option for centuries, and is still in situ in many older homes.  

Pine is cheaper than hardwood options, but is a long-lasting and tough material that can look beautiful for years if looked after properly. When new, it can feel a little stark so you may want to opt for a dyed version to calm down the brightness a little, but check that the colour dries to the finish you require on a small piece of wood before you commit. Protecting the wood at this stage is crucial; opt for a high-quality varnish or finishing oil.  

Old boards can warp over time, something you will need to be aware of if sanding down wood that has been in place for a while. Adjust the sander as you work to avoid leaving a sanded strip along the highest points and, after sanding, always apply your chosen varnish or oil to maintain a level of protection. Which brings us to our next choice which is better: varnish or oil? Varnish offers a higher level of durability but is more work in the long run as it becomes chipped or aged you will need to sand it before you apply a new coat. Oil will need reapplying more frequently, but it is a simpler process and does not usually require sanding, unless there is damage to the floor. 

For further protection, rugs are a great addition, particularly in high-traffic areas where more wear and tear and damage is likely to occur. And, as with any flooring, regular sweeping and cleaning will help keep it tip-top for years to come!