Specialists in Safety Flooring

Ajax Flooring – Specialists in Safety Flooring

Ajax Flooring have been specialists in safety flooring for over fifty years. Because of this, we can provide advice on the type of safety flooring best suited to your environment.

There are many safety factor which may affect your decisions about floors. Working environment may present very high slip risks. Environments may contain contaminants where the risk of spillages is unavoidable. As a result, you need a specialist flooring solution capable of dealing with everything thrown at it.


Slippery substances, such as grease, oils and shampoos found in commercial kitchens and wet environments all pose potential risks to people walking around. We offer specialist solutions to keep your risk of slipping to a minimum, even in these demanding conditions.

Vinyl safety flooring comes in a wide range of designs and colours. As specialists in safety flooring, we provide free samples and advice. If you would like to discuss your particular safety concerns and requirements, please get in touch.

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