Six Signs It’s Time To Update your Floor

Updating your flooring can be an expensive project, however, you just cannot beat the look and feel of a brand new floor!

So, the question is, when should you update your flooring? We thought that we would give you six common signs.

Cracks Start To Appear

This is particularly something to look out for with laminate flooring and perhaps one of the most obvious signs that you should be thinking about replacing your floor.

Over time, your floor will be subject to wear and tear and this will result in the appearance of cracks. Depending on the floor, you may be able to repair any cracks but they could look unsightly and even be a breeding ground for mites or insects.

You Need To Modernise

Does your flooring look like it is straight out of a 1970s movie? Unless that is the style you are going for, then it may be time to replace it.

You may be redecorating or simply needing to have a refresh and that gives you the perfect opportunity to update!

You Just Can’t Manage To Get It Clean

If you have hoovered and cleaned your carpet multiple times, but you just cannot get all of the stains out then perhaps it is time to think about replacing it.

Sains can be caused for all manner of reasons and whilst it is possible to hide a few here or there, if you cannot overlook them it is definitely time to replace!

Your Carpet Starts Matting

This issue is unique to carpet and often one of the first signs that it is time to replace. When the pile begins to stay matted in the most frequently trafficked areas is what you will want to look out for.

This type of problem is especially true for carpets that are made of polyester fibres and once the fibres begin to lay down there is not a whole lot you can do.

General Wear And Tear

Another sign is simply general wear and tear. If your carpet has seen better days and you are putting rugs all over it to cover things such as rips or tears then it really is time to think about updating.

Bad Smells

Even with the best cleaning, over time your flooring may begin to omit a bad odour which does not disappear even with the best cleaning service you can find.

As well as the obvious things that can happen when you have children, if you have a pet then you will find that carpet can tend to wear out quickly and the odour may end up penetrating deep into the fibres.

In addition to this, you may find that the underlay or subfloor has become damp and begun to cause mould or mildew growth. This will certainly cause a poor smell and could mean you need to look at more than just replacing your flooring!

Do You Need Help Choosing Your Next Floor?

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