Should I Choose Carpet or Carpet Tiles?

Carpet is the perfect way to add texture to a room and, with options to suit most budgets, it’s the go-to for many homeowners. Traditionally, carpet is bought on a roll and fitted wall-to-wall, but you do have another option if this isn’t suited to the space you are carpeting.

Carpet tiles are individual squares of carpet, usually consisting of a layer of fibres, a backing and a reinforcement layer. They are great for DIYers or people who are unable to fit standard carpet as they simply slot together to cover the floor space. 

A bespoke carpet option

Because of their durability and easy maintenance, carpet tiles are often chosen by workspaces, such as schools and offices. However, they can also be utilised beautifully in a domestic space by choosing a colour combination that works within an existing aesthetic — the idea that each tile can be a slightly different shade (or contrasting colour) offers limitless combinations. 

Less waste

From an ecological perspective, carpet tiles are a viable option — with the need to replace just one or two tiles should they become damaged, the requirement to unnecessarily purchase an entire new carpet due to a small area of damage is negated, reducing the burden on landfill. 


Carpet tiles are perfect for high traffic areas, with the majority of them made from low pile, tightly looped fibres. However, if you want a little more luxury, there are better quality tiles available that offer a little extra comfort. 


There are some disadvantages of carpet tiles, which may make traditional carpet the right option for you. For example, you will probably be able to see the joins and might prefer a more uniform look, in which case carpet is probably the better choice. Carpet tiles can experience some fraying around the edges, post-production, again resulting in a less uniform look. However, improved manufacturing processes and the increase in quality of the materials used to produce the tiles mean they are of higher quality than their counterparts in the sixties and seventies. 

Overall, carpet tiles could be a viable option for your space; an attractive, inexpensive and sustainable choice with infinite design possibilities.