Scratches on your floor? Here’s how to fix them!

Wood flooring can look amazing and tends to last a lot longer than alternatives. However, scratches can happen, however careful you are. Kids, pets, shoes and furniture can all leave behind unwanted marks; here’s what to do when you notice scratches on your floor.

How scratches happen

Small scratches don’t pose a big problem, other than ruining the aesthetic of the floor, but larger scratches can compromise the quality of the flooring and will need to be dealt with. The main culprits are pieces of grit and dirt trodden in from outside, damage caused by furniture, high heeled shoes, pets’ claws and having no protection on areas of the floor that get the most traffic.

How to remove scratches

Minor surface scratches can be dealt with relatively easily using some floor polish and a damp cloth. Rub the polish in and, when dry, re-coat the area of flooring with a new layer of protective coating. Deeper scratches require a little more effort – there are several ways to remove these, including by following the steps above, then carefully removing the scratch using wire wool in the direction of the grain, adding a layer of wax/coating on the top. However, please check with your flooring manufacturer that it is ok to do this before going ahead.

How you can avoid scratches

  • Use rugs or mats at all entrances to your home. These will help collect dirt, grit, and other materials that can scratch your floors.
  • Place furniture pads under all legs of furniture. This will prevent your furniture from scratching the floor when you move it around.
  • Sweep or vacuum regularly. This will help remove any dirt or debris that could scratch the floor.
  • Remove shoes when coming in from outside.

When to call in help

You should always call in professional help when the scratch is more than just an aesthetic issue. DIY fixes work well for minor scratches, but you can easily ruin areas of flooring by attempting to remove deeper scratches without expert knowledge.