Installing Safety Flooring

Safety Flooring – A Quick Guide

When choosing commercial flooring, there are so many options out there. From carpet tiles to vinyl and even hardwood, the opportunities to style your business are endless. However, one of the most popular choices for business is  safety flooring. We take a look at some of the reason why you should consider installing safety flooring in your business premises.

What is it? 

For all employers, it is their duty to protect their staff, customers and visitors from hazards. This means providing a safe environment to be in. Safety flooring can help with this as it is ultra-hygienic, easy to clean and can give non-slip properties. 

Typically, safety flooring is made of high-quality vinyl flooring. However, it can be adapted to suit many different purposes so that it is suitable for almost every industry and business. 

Who uses this type of flooring?

The healthcare industry

It is vital for healthcare settings to have a floor that is hygienic, easy to clean and offers a non-slip surface. Ajax Flooring offers non-slip safety flooring tiles which can help to make sure hospitals, nursing homes, surgeries and clinic are safe and comfortable. 

Leisure industry

For gyms, sports halls and retail units, business owners need to make sure their customers will be safe on their premises. Safety flooring can help to provide the protection they need, in a suitable style and finish. 

Food and hospitality industry

When food safety is paramount, it is essential to make sure that the surface still provides grip and is non-slip, especially when there is a high risk of spills, grease and residue which can make the flooring perilous. High-quality vinyl with a non-slip finish is ideal for kitchens, schools, cafes and manufacturing facilities. 

What are the safety benefits?


Safety flooring is usually made of vinyl and often includes a range of materials to improve its non-slip texture. These added elements could consist of aluminium oxide, quartz and silicon carbide. These can all help to provide more surface grip without detracting from the look of the floor. 


As well as being non-slip, safety flooring is incredibly easy to clean. Ajax Flooring installs safety floors so that there is no joints or grouts. This means the floors are really easy to clean and any dirt or bacteria will not be absorbed by the floor or remain in the joints. For hospitals and other industries where infection is a risk, safety flooring provides peace of mind. 

Easy maintenance

Due to its impervious surface, safety flooring is incredibly easy to maintain and can be cleaned very quickly and easily. It is easy to remover spillages and makes sure that it can always be clean and safe to walk on as long as a regular cleaning routine is followed. 

Added benefits

Finally, safety flooring comes with a range of options to suit every business. For example, some flooring can come with additional cushioning so that it is comfortable to walk on; others may come with a springy surface which makes it more suitable for gyms and sports facilities. 

Ajax Flooring have over fifty years experience installing safety flooring for businesses across London and Kent. You can make sure you find the best safety flooring for your business by getting in touch us. We can find the best flooring type to suit your safety needs and those of your staff and customers.

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