Restore Your Floor

A good quality wood floor will not only look incredible in your home, but with the correct care should last you for decades. The benefits of opting for wood flooring are vast; it’s durable, easy to clean and maintain, more hygienic than carpets, and a timeless design classic. But is it worth spending money to maintain it? Read on to find out the benefits of restoring, sanding and sealing the flooring in your home. 


The crucial thing to remember with a wooden floor is that you need to protect it sufficiently to avoid permanent damage. By ensuring that your floor has a suitable finish, you are giving it the means to repel stains and avoid it becoming easily scratched. Depending on the amount of traffic the floor is exposed to will dictate how often it will need re-sealing, but this often runs into decades, making it a very worthwhile investment. 


One of the reasons you opted for wooden flooring was probably due to its aesthetics – it’s a stunning style choice for most rooms. However, over time, it can become damaged by heels, furniture and pets, making it look old and tired. Sanding, sealing or restoring your floor will take it back to its former glory!


The cost of replacing a solid-wood floor can be huge, not to mention the disruption it will cause to your home while being laid. Opting instead to sand, seal and restore your existing floor is a viable alternative, saving you money as well as avoiding the stress of having to relay your floor. 

Avoiding allergies

If you’re tempted to cover up old, damaged wooden flooring with carpet, think again. Carpet harbours many germs and can be a trigger for allergies. By sanding, sealing and restoring your existing wood flooring, you can avoid dust mites, reducing the potential for allergies.