Nosing And Staircases in London & Kent

Our team at Ajax Flooring have decades of experience and expert knowledge on installing stair nosing and commercial staircase flooring. We are on hand to offer your business advice and guidance on how to stay compliant with regulations while also create staircase flooring that is beautiful and stylish. Our team are specialists in stair nosing compliance issues including meeting the needs of disabled people and the introduction of light reflectance values.

Commercial Nosing And Staircases

Any business location with a staircase is required to have stair nosings for safety and practicality reasons. Fitting flooring on staircases can be a struggle without professional installation, and stair nosing should ideally be done by someone with prior knowledge and experience. Here at Ajax Flooring, we can help with nosing and staircases for all types of businesses in London, Kent and beyond. When it comes to stair nosing, safety and quality are the two most important aspects to consider, and we pride ourselves on offering excellent installation services to cover both of these.

What Is Stair Nosing?

Stair nosing is sometimes called stair edgings, and they are used to define and reinforce the edge of steps on staircases. It can disguise where two separate pieces of floor meet as well as offering a safe finish for laminate and wooden flooring. Nosing on staircases in London must be styled to contrast your flooring so that it stands out from the existing design. Sometimes stair nosing features a slight rebate at the top which causes it to lip over the commercial flooring that is fitted to the tread.

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Nosing And Staircases London
Nosing And Staircases
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Why Do I Need Stair Nosing For My Staircases?

When it comes to considering the commercial flooring for your staircases, you are also required to install stair nosing. Stair nosing and staircase flooring both prevent and solve problems for your business, and there are many reasons why you need them;

  • Health And Safety: Stair nosing has been designed to make commercial flooring safer, and there are specific regulations in place which require businesses to ensure they have adequate stair nosing. At Ajax Flooring we can supply staircase flooring and nosing that complies with current health and safety regulations. Our stair nosing takes into account legislation on dimensions, tread surface and colour, so you can rest assured that your business is fully compliant.
  • Durable And Hardwearing: The stair nosing is often the part of the step that people will tread onto, making it the part that is prone to wearing out first. Stair nosing not only protects your staff and customers from slips and trips but also protects your stair flooring from damage and wear. Good quality stair nosing will increase the durability and the lifetime of your staircase by reinforcing the areas that wear down quickly.
  • Design And Style: Staircases can often look bland and boring, and stair nosing gives a chance to change up the design of the stairs. While regulations are in place to ensure that stair nosing is a contrasting colour and easily seen, this can also be used to enhance the appearance of your staircase.

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