Natural Warming Properties Of Flooring Materials

As the winter draws in and we fire up our central heating, there is not much worse than a draught, or cold flooring underfoot. On those days when the wind is blustering and rain pouring down there is not much better than sitting and relaxing in a warm lounge.

In addition to the warmth underfoot that flooring can give, an energy-efficient floor can help save on your bills as it provides much better insulation.

Flooring materials have some natural properties and there are also several things that you can do which will help warm your floor. We have put together a two-part blog that takes you through both areas and this blog looks at the natural warming properties of flooring materials.


Carpets are known for their natural warmth underfoot and are one of the most popular flooring solutions, generally used in bedrooms, lounges and stairwells. The denser the carpet pile, the warmer it will be and protect against any chill from the outside.

The only downside to carpet is how it does not fare too well in areas where there is a high level of moisture and it can get a little dirty easily.


When it comes to vinyl flooring, it is a very resilient material, however, due to it being relatively thin, it does not particularly have any heat properties.

What can be done, however, is prepare the underfloor with underlay or even underfloor heating and this will aid warmth.


In a similar way to vinyl flooring, laminate does not have any properties in relation to heat. Using a good quality underlay will aid warmth and where there is a solid floor, raising the subfloor with a layer of plywood over sleeper strips can help make it warmer to the feet.

Solid Wood Flooring

Whereas laminate flooring does not have any properties in relation to heat, a solid floor can be somewhat warmer.

In much the same way as laminate flooring, however, solid wood flooring can be supported by a good quality subfloor and underlay to make it nice and warm.

Natural Tile & Stone

Undoubtedly natural tile and stone are the coolest options when it comes to natural flooring properties because of how they are naturally very good at transmitting heat.

This can be a great solution when paired with underfloor heating, however, as they will warm quite nicely.

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