Make the Most of Your Small Space With These Clever Flooring Ideas

Small spaces can easily feel cluttered and unloved, and it’s worth taking a little time out to plan decor and furnishings that will help the room feel airy and contemporary rather than cramped and constrained. Flooring is an incredibly important consideration as has the potential to open up a small room, maximising its available space. All you need to do is master the art of illusion! Read on for some tips.

Whichever flooring you choose, a light colour will offer the illusion of a larger space — white is an obvious option but also consider off-white colours, such as ivory and cream. If you opt for carpet, very light colours can be difficult to keep clean, but light blues, sage and earthy tones can also lift an area. 

Whitewashed hardwood flooring or whitewash-effect laminate are a great option for making a small room feel larger, and you can utilise planks to give an elongated effect to the floor space by installing them parallel to the longest dimension. With regards to textures, a glossy finish reflects light, giving the illusion of more space — as well as being easier to clean — whereas matte textures are flatter and can feel duller. Simple lines are preferable to patterns, which can feel ‘cluttered’, although a simple pattern can work if on larger tiles and organised to draw the eye around the edges of the room.

To complement your new flooring, consider painting the rest of the decor in a similar colour, which works to further open up the space. Mirrors are a great trick to add a sense of space, and light-coloured furniture will ensure that the room is perceived as a whole, much more inviting than a cluttered space filled with mismatched items.