Laminate vs. Hardwood – Which Flooring Option is Right for You?

Hardwood and laminate floors are both beautiful options for your home’s flooring, but each comes with pros and cons that you’ll need to consider carefully. Here are the pros and cons of laminate vs hardwood flooring, to help you decide which is right for you. 

Pros of laminate 

​Laminate is an affordable and reasonably robust option. It’s available in a variety of finishes, easy to clean, and sections can be replaced if they sustain damage. If you are unsure which type of flooring you want, or expect your style to change and wish to experiment, laminate is a more affordable option.  

Pros of hardwood 

With the proper finish and care, hardwood flooring typically wears extremely well and even if it sustains damage, it’s easy to sand and refinish to restore it to its previous beauty. Aesthetically, it’s one of the most beautiful flooring options on the market, with the power to dramatically transform any room or space into a masterpiece of elegance and style. 

Cons of laminate 

The laminate coating can scratch and become worn down over time, with dust and debris causing damage if it isn’t cleaned regularly. Due to its composition, it can’t be sanded and polished if it gets scratched or heavily worn.  

Cons of hardwood 

Hardwood floors are far more expensive than laminate, as well as being vulnerable to water damage and warping. It doesn’t fare well in high humidity, so isn’t suitable for installation in bathrooms. 

Laminate or hardwood, which is right for me? 

If durability, aesthetics and adding value to your home are important factors, then hardwood flooring is the right option for you. If you are in the market for something that fits within a budget, is easy to clean and inexpensive to replace, laminate is the one to choose!