How to Look After Your Oak Floor

A wooden floor is a financial investment, and you will want to maintain it and keep it looking beautiful for years to come. Read on for some basic tips as to how to look after your shiny new oak floor.

Sweep it

Never underestimate the importance of general day-to-day cleaning. A daily sweep will ensure that any particles or grit that could damage the finish of your flooring will be swiftly removed while also preventing unsightly build-up. When cleaning your floor, always check that your chosen cleaning product is suitable for the finish you have opted for. 

Keep it clean

To refresh your floor, it is crucial that you only use products recommended by your flooring manufacturer. Sweep your floor prior to cleaning, and clean with diluted soap on a cloth or mop, ensuring it is well-wrung out. 

Oil it up

Your manufacturer should give you recommendations for the best type of oil for your floor, and it’s worth adding this essential maintenance task to your routine. Oils are quick and easy to apply, penetrating the wood to provide protection. Make sure you clean your floor thoroughly prior to oil application; any trace of dust or dirt can affect the outcome. 

Time warp

To avoid damage to floor, try to keep it as dry as possible. Wood absorbs water and can permanently ruin it, causing warping and discolouration. If your floor does get wet, you will need to remove the water and dry it out as quickly as you can.

Scratch that

Reduce the risk of scratches on your floor by removing hard-soled shoes before walking on it. It may seem obvious, but don’t drag anything across it as this can also cause damage, and add pads to legs of furniture to minimise the risk of damage from table and chair legs.