How to keep office carpets sparkling clean

It can be tricky to keep your office carpets clean and in great condition. If they’re starting to look tired and grubby, that can effect the overall look of your place of work. You’ll want to keep your office looking its absolute best, so here are some tips on how to keep on top of your carpets:

Making an Entrance

Dirt can be trodden in from outside, especially if your work place has lots of staff and visitors. Consider bristled entrance mats at all of your entrances to help catch most of the dirt from outside, and stop it entering the main space. Your staff will thank you for it!

Consistency is Key

Make sure that high traffic areas are vacuumed daily, with low traffic areas around 3 times a week. Regular vacuuming keeps carpets looking clean and fresh, and stops short term issues becoming long term problems.

Go Deep

A deep clean will make all the difference and will help to increase the life of your carpets. Deep embedded dirt will be removed and it’ll be fresher than ever before. There are several different methods , and your professional cleaner will be able to advise on the best technique for you. It’s best to organise a professional clean once or twice a year.

On the Spot

Spotted a spill? Don’t ignore it! Prevent the stain from settling in by tackling it straight away.

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