How to Decorate Your New Home on a Budget

Even for those of the tightest of budgets, you can still revamp elements of your home to make it seem like new.

Choose brightly-coloured items to draw attention to an area

If there’s a feature in your home that you particularly like, such as a mantlepiece with interesting features or a bookshelf where you keep your favourite books, why not draw attention to it with bright colours. Arranging your books by colour creates an interesting focal point, with no additional spend (and minimum effort on your part). Or perhaps hang a favourite painting/photo above the mantlepiece that really stands out.

Buy sheets and bedding on sale to update your bedroom

Keep your eyes peeled for the sales and grab a bargain when you can. A great time to do this is when the seasons change – Christmassy bedding is a bargain come the January sales, and brightly coloured duvet covers that are a summer favourite will be cheaper when the seasons change.

Shop secondhand

Charity shops are a great place to get fantastic items cheaply – one persons trash is another persons treasure, after all! You can find some real bargains if you go at the best time (some say this is on a Monday after weekend donations have been sorted and stock put out)

Flooring hacks

Upgrading your flooring on a budget is no mean feat. We all know how pricey solid hardwood flooring can be. Cheaper alternatives include laminate flooring, which is known for it’s durability and versatility. If you simply can’t afford to change your flooring any time soon, a rug can always hide a multitude of sins!

We hope this has given you some good ideas on how to make the most of your home (and your budget!). Do you have any other tips? Let us know in the comments below!