Four Reasons To Choose Carpet Tiles For Your Office Space

Whilst wooden flooring is hard wearing and looks fantastic, often we recommend that the most suitable flooring for your office space is carpet tiles. It is important to have the right flooring installed for a variety of reasons and there are many advantages of opting for carpet tiles for your office space.

We take care to fit the right flooring for each situation and the largest area of carpet tiles we have fitted is 3,000 square meters in Drill Hall Library! Here are our top four reasons that carpet tiles are an excellent choice.

Excellent For Heavy Traffic Areas

Carpet tiles tend to be very hardwearing and because of this, they are ideal for rooms that receive a lot of foot traffic such as an office.

The other alternative would be a traditional carpet; however, a traditional carpet can wear and fade easily when there is a lot of use. Carpet tiles, on the other hand, retain their appearance due to their durability.

Excellent For Maintenance

Although everyday dust and dirt can become trapped in the carpet or spillages potentially leaving a stain, this is much like a traditional carpet however the difference with a carpet tile is that if an area becomes damaged beyond repair it can simply be replaced.

This is a significant benefit as a traditional carpet would need to be replaced with significant interruption to the wider office. This is probably one of the top reasons why carpet tiles are an excellent choice for your office!

Cost Efficiency

Unlike a traditional carpet, you do not need to install an underlay when using carpet tiles due to the strength of their backing. In addition to this, you will also incur much less of a cost should you need to replace one single tile due to damage!

When compared to wooden flooring, for example, you will also have less of an ongoing maintenance cost where the surface will need to be sanded and resealed on a periodic basis.

Noise Insulation

An open-plan office with a shiny, polished floor can be a noisy environment and that is because the flooring will reflect the sound. Another benefit of using carpet is that it will absorb the sound, meaning that your office will be a much more peaceful working environment!

Do You Need Help Choosing Your Next Floor?

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