Flooring Options for Hallway, Stairs and Landing

It’s not easy choosing flooring for high-traffic areas, such as hall, stairs and landing. Your flooring should look great but it should also be functional — a tricky balance when trying to combine style with practicality and durability. Here’s a short guide to choosing flooring for your home’s high-traffic areas.


If you are leaning towards a hard flooring option, you can’t go far wrong with vinyl. It’s affordable, practical, durable and easy to clean. It also feels soft underfoot, making it ideal for homes with children.


Tiling can be made from natural or manmade materials. It’s a popular choice for high-traffic areas, but do check with your supplier for durability, as some types aren’t suitable for this type of use. Stone tiles are unique and look beautiful but can be high-maintenance. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are also an option — they are easy to take care of and long-lasting. Another option, if you live in an old property, is to lift the carpet to see what is lurking underneath. You may get a lovely surprise!


Whether parquet, engineered wood or solid wood, a wooden floor is a practical option for high traffic areas. Bear in mind that although light wood will make a space look larger, it will also require more maintenance. Hard wood can be easily sanded and refinished if damaged, and a good quality engineered floor can also be refinished – it also responds better to changes in humidity, resisting warping better than solid wood. 


Laminate flooring is a relatively inexpensive option that will stand the test of time. Don’t choose the cheapest available, and always ask an expert to lay it for you. A good laminate floor will withstand high traffic wear and tear, while offering the appearance of solid or engineered wood.

High traffic areas need not be an excuse to lay cheap carpet – there are many options available that not only look good, but will tolerate a lot of traffic. Talk to one of our experts today who will be able to guide you as to which flooring option is the right one for your hallway, stairs and landing.