Prevent Trips and Falls

Five Tips to Prevent Trips and Falls on Your Business Premises

Slips and trips are one of the biggest causes of non-fatal accidents at work in the UK. In 2016, they accounted for 29% of accidents in the workplace, and contributed to thousands of staff absences, lost man hours and lost profit. The worst part is, many slips, trips, and falls at work are completely avoidable, and many of these accidents could have been prevented with a few simple measures. Here are five simple tips to help you prevent trips and falls on your business premises

If you run a business in London or Kent, then here are some tips to help avoid costly accidents.

1. Clean up spills quickly

One of the major causes of slips and trips is spills, which are all too common in industrial and food service environments. It’s important that you have commercial flooring which can be easily cleaned when a spill occurs. If an employee notices a spill, they should stop what they’re doing to clean it up, and put up a wet floor sign until the floor is completely dry so that customers know to be careful.

2. Get the right flooring

It’s important to choose flooring that’s suitable for a commercial environment, and is fit for purpose. You may need to install safety flooring in areas to prevent trips and falls where trips are more likely, for example, if you run a busy shop in London, then rubber mats should be placed at the entrance on rainy or icy days. Some other things to consider when choosing flooring include:

  • How the floors will be used – the amount of traffic can dictate what kind of flooring you choose
  • Cleaning – how easy will it be to clean up spills and dirt?
  • Impact – will your floors need to be safe from impact damage? Holes and tears in your flooring can cause trips.
  • Quality – high quality commercial flooring will be hard-wearing and help prevent accidents.

3. De-clutter

Many falls are caused by clutter, whether it’s boxes left on the shop floor, or debris and rubbish left in the back areas. It’s important that all aisles are clear, and that any rubbish on the floor is picked up and disposed of before it causes a trip. Trailing cables can also cause injuries. Make sure they are tucked away and secured.

4. Ensure flooring is even

Another major cause of trips and falls is having flooring that’s uneven. If you are having flooring such as quickstep laminate flooring installed, it’s important that the job is carried out by professionals, using suitable materials for a commercial environment. This will ensure there are no edges sticking up, and that the finish is smooth. Using unsuitable flooring, such as domestic flooring in a commercial environment, can also cause problems. This kind of flooring can wear unevenly, which leads to dangerous surfaces that can be a tripping hazard.

5. Light the way

Finally, it’s important to ensure that your premises are well-lit. If your business is in an area of Kent with historic buildings, such as Faversham, then you might not have a lot of natural light compared to modern shops and offices. Make sure you have plenty of lighting to avoid trips and other accidents.

To find out more about commercial flooring to keep staff and visitors safe, get in touch with Ajax Flooring on 020 8692 9813. Covering London and Kent, you can also e-mail Ajax Flooring for a quick response.

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