Benefits of Floor Sanding

The Benefits of Floor Sanding are hard to understate.

Having wooden flooring in your home is often a lovely touch that can add real character and style to your interior décor. Quality hardwood or parquet flooring can add a luxurious and elegant feel to any room, but they do take some looking after to keep them fresh.

As with any type of flooring, wooden floors can become rough, worn and tired looking, but still have plenty of life left in them with a little bit of care and attention. Wooden flooring made in a high-quality wood will last for decades, and when they begin to show their age, floor sanding can get them looking as good as new again. 

People often wonder if floor sanding is really worth their time and money, but there are plenty of reasons to invest in getting your floors revamped with floor sanding.

Added Safety For Your Home

When you have a hardwood floor, over time the protective coating can wear off and leave the dry boards underneath exposed. These exposed boards can splinter and become a safety hazard for your family. Floor sanding will eliminate the chance of splinters breaking off and after sanding a new protective coat will prevent splinters from coming back.

A Fresh Look

As with anything in your home, wooden floors will begin to show their age after they have been in place for some time. Wood stain can fade, and scratches appear, leaving your once gleaming floors looking dull and old. Floor sanding can restore your old floors back to their original beauty. Not only that, after sanding your floors, you could change up the look of your home by using a new wood stain.

Effortless Cleaning

If your floors have been sanded and coated using a high-quality sealer, then dust and dirt will not build up on them as easily as on old and worn floors. As wooden floors age, they can develop grooves and scratches will collect dust over time. After floor sanding, you will notice a big difference in how much easier your floors will be to keep clean.

Increase Your Floors Lifespan

As hardwood floors age, they will slowly begin to get spaces between the floorboards, and the nails holding them down can move position. This can make your flooring weaker and more susceptible to damage over time. 

Having regular floor sanding will even out your floorboards and eliminate any parts that may have become elevated over the years. This will prolong the life of your wooden flooring and prevent damage.

Up Your Lighting

You might not think that your flooring is the reason your whole room is lacking natural light, but it can actually have a big impact. After floor sanding, your wooden floor will be smooth and bright, reflecting the natural light from your windows, resulting in a better, more natural light for the entire room. 

Not only will floor sanding improve the overall look of your home by letting more natural light in but will also give you the chance to reduce your energy bills.If you want to extend the life of your floors with floor sanding, then get in touch with the team at Ajax Flooring who offer floor sanding across Kent, London and the entire South East.