Domestic Floor Sanding, Sealing & Restoration in London & Kent

Here at Ajax Flooring, we offer a professional, dedicated team of experts for all your solid wood flooring needs. We are specialists at domestic floor sanding in London and Kent and we can provide sealing and restoring of real wooden flooring. Using the latest dust free technology, we can restore your wooden flooring in your home at affordable prices.

Floor Sanding in London & Kent

Wooden flooring is an attractive option for any family home, being tough and easy to clean makes hardwood flooring a popular choice among homeowners. Exposing the floorboards in older properties to reveal beautiful real wood flooring is also an option. However, over time, everyday wear and tear can cause solid wood flooring to become discoloured, worn and damaged. Your wooden flooring may look like it needs replacing, but actually it could be beautifully restored making it look like new once again.

Here at Ajax Flooring, we offer a dedicated domestic floor sanding, sealing and restoration service for your wooden flooring at affordable prices.

What Is Floor Sanding, Sealing and Restoration?

Over time wooden flooring, such as oak wood flooring and parquet flooring can become dull, scuffed and damaged. This is caused by the top layer of varnish being worn away through everyday living, such as pets, heels and the moving of furniture. This is particularly common in high traffic areas of your home such as hallways and dining rooms.

Ajax Flooring can bring your wooden flooring back to its former glory, by using our expertise in restoring wooden floors and state of the art dust-free equipment.

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Domestic Floor Sanding
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Domestic Floor Sanding London

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Why Have Domestic Wooden Flooring, Sanded, Sealed And Restored?

There are many reasons why homeowners should consider having their wooden flooring masterfully restored;

  • Aesthetics: Wooden flooring is popular among homeowners because it is not only durable and hard-wearing, but real wood flooring also helps create a warm inviting atmosphere. Overtime your wooden floor can become dull and scuffed, causing it to lose its shine. By using our dedicated professional sanding, sealing and restoration services, Ajax Flooring can give your wooden flooring a new lease of life. Your wooden flooring will become more pleasing to the eye, making any room in your home more appealing with a fresh new appearance.
  • Cleaning And Hygiene: Overtime wooden flooring that has become rough and worn, will become harder to clean, creating a constant dirty look. This is because dust, bacteria and dirt can settle and stay within the crevices that have formed over the years. This can easily be resolved with sanding, sealing and restoration from Ajax Flooring. Hardwood flooring that has been professionally restored are much easier to clean and maintain.
  • Safety: When the sealant of wooden flooring has worn away this leaves the floorboards exposed and dangerous to family and pets. Floorboards are more likely to split or crack, and splinters can become a regular occurrence. By having your real wood flooring professionally restored by Ajax Flooring, you will eliminate these problems from your family home.
  • Cost-Effective: Replacing an entire oak floor can be expensive and time-consuming, but sanding, sealing and restoring your real wooden floor is an affordable way to create a new look on a tired old floor.

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