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Here at Ajax Flooring, we can help find the perfect domestic engineered flooring for any room in your home. We offer an extensive selection of options for wooden flooring and can arrange installation at a time that suits you and your family. Our team are experts in all types of engineered flooring and can install high-quality wooden flooring all across London, Kent and surrounding areas.

Engineered Flooring For Your Home

Many homeowners dream of beautiful solid wood flooring for their homes but are soon put off by the hefty price tag, lengthy installation and ongoing maintenance. Engineered wood flooring is an excellent alternative to hardwood flooring that is suitable for use in any area of the home. Whether you are after wooden flooring for your lounge, dining room or bedroom, walnut engineered wood flooring could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Here at Ajax Flooring, we are specialists in designing and fitting engineered wood flooring for any area of the home.

What Is Engineered Wood Flooring?

Unlike solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring is made up using multiple layers of wood. The majority of the floorboard is made up of base layers which create strength and stability in the wooden flooring.
These base layers are usually created from plywood, Eucalyptus or Hevea, making them a cheaper option than oak wood flooring. These base layers are then combined with a wear layer.

The wear layer sits on top of the base layers and is seen as the top of the wooden flooring. This wear layer is usually between 2-6mm thick and created from hardwood such as walnut or oak. This creates the appearance of real wood flooring as the wear layer is all that can be seen once installed, but without the high cost of solid wood flooring.

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Engineered Wood Flooring
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Domestic Engineered Flooring

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Why Choose Engineered Wood Flooring For Your Home?

More and more people are choosing engineered wood flooring over real wood flooring for their homes because of the range of benefits they offer;

  • Durable And Versatile: Engineered wood flooring has a long lifespan thanks to the multiple base layers which create stability and strength. One of the most significant benefits of this type of wooden flooring is that it is versatile and durable enough to withstand conditions which real wood flooring often can’t. Hardwood flooring doesn’t work well with underfloor heating or areas high in moisture, but walnut engineered wood flooring can handle this because it expands and contracts without damage.
  • Cost-Effective: Compared with real wood flooring such as oak flooring, engineered wood flooring is much cheaper and more cost-effective. The lifespan is often just as long, but without the expensive materials and installation costs. Engineered wood flooring can be installed quickly and easily by our team at Ajax Flooring, making it cheaper to install than solid wood flooring.
  • Design And Style: Engineered wood flooring offers a huge selection of designs and styles to choose from, so you can find a floor to suit any home décor. You can choose from walnut engineered wood flooring to contemporary styles and dark, traditional looks.

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