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Here at Ajax Flooring, we can supply and install carpet tiles in London and Kent. We purchase our carpet tiles direct from leading manufacturers, and we provide Burmatex, Heckmondwike, Gradus, Paragon and Checkmate tiles for a competitive price. Our team of experts are specialists in fitting carpet tiles and can help businesses of any type or size.

Carpet Tiles from Ajax Flooring

Carpet tiles are a popular choice for commercial flooring, with many offices, shops and public spaces choosing them for their décor. Available in a range of styles, colours and designs, you can find carpet tiles that compliment your business and look great in any location. There are many reasons why more and more businesses are choosing carpet tiles for their commercial or office flooring, and here at Ajax Flooring, we are specialists in supplying and installing high-quality carpet tiles in London and Kent.

What Are Carpet Tiles?

Carpet tiles are sometimes known as carpet squares or modular carpets, and they are squares of carpet cut from wall to wall rolls. These squares are fitted together to make up the carpet in any room or space and can be used as an alternative to wall to wall carpet in almost any situation. They are extremely popular when it comes to commercial flooring, as carpet tiles offer a range of benefits and advantages to business owners. Carpet tiles provide excellent versatility for office flooring, store flooring or any other commercial flooring, and come in a selection of colours, sizes and patterns.

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Why Choose Carpet Tiles For Commercial Flooring?

Carpet tiles are a popular choice for business premises, and these are some of the main advantages of choosing carpet tiles in London and Kent for commercial flooring:

  • Durable: One of the main reasons carpet tiles are used for commercial flooring such as office flooring is that they are extremely hardwearing and durable. They are specifically designed to last a long time and can be relied on for high traffic areas where traditional carpets would easily become worn out. Carpet tiles are very heavy duty and can withstand much more than many wall to wall carpets can.
  • Replaceable: Most commercial flooring requires complete replacement if an area becomes damaged or worn, but carpet tiles give the ability to replace just one section at a time. If one tile becomes damaged, stained or worn, that single tile can be replaced with a new one, without the need for entirely new flooring. This can save a business a huge amount of money and time as high traffic areas can be replaced more often than low traffic ones.
  • Easy Maintenance: Some business owners worrying about using carpet for their commercial flooring because they can be high maintenance and take a lot of work. Carpet tiles are low pile and only require regular hoovering or sweeping, with the option to deep clean occasionally or as needed. Single carpet tiles can even be removed, thoroughly cleaned and refitted easily, if there are stubborn stains to deal with.
  • Variety: When you choose carpet tiles for your commercial flooring, you will have the freedom to choose any colour, design or style you want. Multiple different colours can be used in conjunction with each other, and there is no need to have the entire office flooring just one colour.

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