Best flooring choices for the elderly

As you get older, you need to make sure that you are as safe as possible. Even when that place is your own house. You need to think about many things when it comes to the safety of older adults, and one of these is the floor that you choose.  

Considering that they will be on their feet and walking around the house for much of their time, you want to reduce the risk of them slipping, tripping or falling over. The best way to do this is to make sensible flooring choices.  

To help you make the decision, we have put together the best flooring choices for the elderly.  


One of the best flooring options for the elderly has to be carpet. There are several reasons for this. It is not only slip-resistant, but it also has plenty of cushioning; should they fall over, this will limit the severity of their injuries.  

Not only this, but carpet will also feel comfortable under their feet, and comfort is essential as you get older and spend more time at home. 


It has to be said that carpet isn’t for everyone. It can require lots of vacuuming to keep it clean, and it can also make it harder for walkers or canes to slide around. 

An alternative tiles. Tiles do not require as much care and maintenance as carpet, and they are straightforward to keep clean. They allow canes and walkers to move freely around as needed, and if the older person likes to stay cool on a hot day, this can also help. 

Of course, tiles, as a flooring surface, are not the safest for an elderly person to walk on. They can be slippery, mainly if they get wet, which can increase the chances of the person falling over; as well as this, the hard surface will also provide little to no cushioning.  


The benefits of tiled floors also apply to laminate flooring too. However, the thing to remember with laminate is not only that it can be slippery when it gets wet, but it also can be damaged if it does end up having water soaked through it. 

Whilst style is still important for you as you get older, it has to be said that safety is key too. Consider what flooring options may fit you best and then have them installed in your house, ready to keep you on your feet.