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Ajax Flooring can help you to create barrier matting that is designed for your specific business needs. We have decades of experience in producing entrance matting and commercial flooring that not only fits with your business aesthetically but also protects against damage, slips and trips.

Barrier Matting For Your Business

Barrier matting is a common type of commercial flooring that is designed for demanding working environments with high foot traffic. It is a type of non-slip flooring that can help businesses to keep their staff, customers and visitors safe, while also reducing maintenance and cleaning costs.

Whether you are seeking commercial flooring for an office, school, reception or other space, barrier matting can help to protect both your business and the people within it. At Ajax Flooring, we specialise in heavy duty matting that can help give your business a good first impression to visitors while also being barely noticeable.

What Is Barrier Matting?

Barrier matting is sometimes referred to as entrance matting, and it is a type of commercial flooring which is fixed in place near the entrance or exit of a business premises. It is often produced from aluminium or plastic, with inserts made from carpet, rubber/PVC scrapers or nylon brushes. These inserts are designed to clear dirt and absorb excess moisture from shoes as people enter the building.

This type of commercial flooring is available in two types;

Primary barrier matting and secondary barrier matting. Primary heavy duty matting is created using a combination of metal frames with inserts of hardwearing carpet or rubber. It is ideal for very high traffic areas such as busy entrances.

Secondary heavy duty matting is less intense and is generally made using an extremely hard-wearing carpet. This is designed to reduce dirt and dust that has been bought into the building and is the perfect commercial flooring for small areas and footwells.

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Why Do I Need Barrier Matting For My Business?

The entrance of your business is one of the most essential areas, and entrance matting brings a range of benefits to any commercial space;

  • Cleaning And Maintenance: One of the key functions of heavy duty matting for any business is that it can help to eliminate debris and dirt getting in the building. When a commercial space has a lot of footfall and people coming in and out from the street, there will be a lot of muck being carried through on shoes. Barrier matting stops this dirt at the entrance, protecting the rest of your commercial flooring.
  • Non-Slip Flooring: The safety of staff and customers is a top priority for the majority of businesses, and barrier matting can help improve safety due to its non-slip properties. Entrance mats which absorb excess moisture and water can prevent slips and trips within your business.
  • Durable And Hard Wearing: Your commercial flooring can be protected using barrier matting, which is excellent for improving the longevity of the rest of your flooring. As dirt and moisture is stopped at the door, your other flooring will not be as damaged and worn.

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