Barrier Matting

Barrier matting installation is an ideal solution for demanding environments. It comes in two formats: Primary barrier matting; and Secondary barrier matting.

Primary barrier matting is a combination of metal frames, alongside hardwearing carpet or rubber for use in large entrances where foot traffic is extensive.

You can use secondary barrier matting to significantly reduce dust and dirt brought in from the street. We install a hard-wearing carpet, ideal for use in small areas or footwells, as a secondary barrier mat.

Entrance matting forms an essential part of any building design. Foot borne dirt carried in from the street is detrimental to your businesses’ appearance. Moreover, it increases the risk of illness and health issues for staff and customers.

We can help you to create a barrier against the ingress of foot-borne dirt and moisture. This in turn, prevents germs transferring to the interior floor coverings. It also helps prevent slip hazards and helps to maintain the clean appearance of the floor coverings.

Here at Ajax Flooring we have spent decades establishing ourselves as a trusted name in barrier matting installation. If you would like more information how we can improve your premises’ flooring, please get in touch.


Intrasystems Barrier Matting